Agrisanum is a unique product, without chemical pesticides, consisting of Edasil clay minerals, enriched with organic Germanium.

Agrisanum strengthens the plant from the moment of germination until harvest in its natural defence against viruses, fungi and parasites (such as tuber foot and Phytophthora) and against the harmful influences of the leek, carrot, onion and cabbage fly.

Viruses, fungi and parasites only affect plants that are sick or weak. It is therefore essential that the plant develops healthily and strongly, so that it becomes immune to harmful external influences. Immunity (from Latin immunis) literally means ‘exempt from’.

Immunity is the specialized ability of the plant to respond to the ingress of foreign substances. In general, the plant shows very complex reactions to foreign substances. These complex reactions include the immunological reaction method. This is characterized by the development of certain body fluids and cellular mechanisms, which lead to the elimination of antibodies. Agrisanum increases the immunity of the plant. The antibody in Agrisanum is organic Germanium, a rare trace element. Germanium plays an extremely important role in plants in the photo-electrochemical process; in photosynthesis and in the metabolic and immune system.

Instructions for use

Growing and sowing soil; mix 10 grams with 1 litre of soil.

In the planting holes; in each planting hole mix 2 teaspoons with the excavated soil; also dip the roots of the plant in Agrisanum.