Bee-Food® is a liquid probiotic and promotes the fermentation of food and the welfare of bees and brood. It contains useful microorganisms that offer protection to bees. Bee-Food® is added to the syrup or pollen substitutes to improve fermentation and to promote the immune system of bees. This promotes the natural resistance of the bees and will help prevent diseases. The EM Micro-organisms have a positive effect on the intestines and intestines of the bee and will, therefore, prevent the spread of intestinal diseases.


Pollen, the most important food source and building block of our bees, must undergo fermentation so that the brood can absorb it. A normal fermentation of pollen takes up to two weeks, due to influences of environmentally threatening products, this fermentation process can also be delayed here. This puts extra pressure on the cycle of a bee colony.

By adding BeeFood® to the pollen substitutes, the fermentation of these is promoted. Moreover, the larvae will absorb the pollen substitutes better and this, together with the absorption of the good bacteria, supports the vitality of the spawn.

The effective microorganisms promote the intestinal flora. The administration of BeeFood® is supportive during an approach for Nosema. Currently, positive results are already being achieved for the control of Nosema via effective microorganisms.

BeeFood® is available in 250 ml bottles.


Instructions for use:

Add 40 ml or 4 caps to 1 kg pollen substitute.

Add 20 ml or 2 caps to 5 litres of sugar syrup.