Keeping Your Birds Healthy

Edasil Clay minerals
The use of Edasil clay minerals as a ground cover in the aviary/pigeon loft offers numerous advantages. The clay minerals will bind the moisture from the manure, prevent odour nuisance and can be used when changing the aviary or lift in the garden to improve the soil quality.

Regular spraying of Actiferm in the chicken run/pigeon loft helps to convert the manure efficiently. Moreover, unpleasant odours disappear.
Dosage: 100 ml Actiferm on 10 litres of water

Bokashi starter
The use of Bokashi Bran in the chicken coop promotes surface composting. In this way, we steer the digestion of the manure in the right direction and prevent rotting, and the odour nuisance associated with it.
Dosage: 0.5 kg Bokashi starter per m² after each fertilisation.

Water treatment
Stagnant water quickly starts to smell unpleasant. This is also the case with the drinking bowls of birds. The use of the EM ceramic pipes helps to keep the water dynamic longer, so it stays fresh and tasty longer.

Syn-Vital is a fermented feed additive based on Effective Micro-organisms fermented wheat bran. Unlike most dried probiotics, Syn-vital still contains living microorganisms and their metabolic products; antioxidants and other bioactive substances. It is these substances that make a positive contribution to the absorption and digestive processes and are therefore considered to promote health.
Dosage: mix 5 to 10 grams of Syn-vital in the feed portion.