Bokashi action: Taribush Kuna festival 2018 again a great success

Earlier we reported about the processing of food waste into Bokashi at the Kuna festival in Dwingeloo. This edition of the Taribush Kuna Festival in Dwingeloo was again a great success.

Initiator Marc van der Zalm explains: “During this alternative festival, almost 175 kg of organic waste was collected from the various food trucks and the central kitchen. As in previous years, Bokashi is made from this waste, which is then used in my nursery in Hemrik. This is used to grow the vegetables for next year. During the construction of the festival, the vegetables will be cooked for the volunteers”.

Unlike last year, the Bokashi starter has already been added during the collection. Because of the warm weather, the fermentation process started immediately. After 3 weeks the whole thing was fermented and the Bokashi was immediately processed in the soil. The soil will soon be ready for new crops. Marc and his company Marc-o-biotica have been active for several years as EM sales point.


Channel in the vegetable garden where Bokashi is dug in


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