Bokashi at the We Can Change festival │ 22 Sept │ Amsterdam

We have been working with Natascha Hagenbeek from ‘I can change the world with my two hands’ for some time now. A mouth full, but actually very easy to remember. On Saturday 22 September she organizes a festival where of course Bokashi is not missing! Natascha tells us:

At our site in Amsterdam West, we organize the ‘We can change festival’. Be inspired by artists and other change-makers who give shape to the theme of sustainability during workshops and various activities.

For example, you can make your own solar-powered car together with Designathon Works and dissect and prepare unwanted city animals together with the Kitchen of the Unwanted Animal. Together with artist/florist Denise Collignon van Veld&Vaas you will make a mega harvest garland of organic flowers and other harvests from the garden. At Aarde&Co you can taste the difference between regular and biodynamic milk and tomatoes in the Boeren Proef Lab. In the RUIK Lab, you can let the seductive smell of waste tickle your nose. In and around the I can change Tuinkafe you can taste and buy gherkins, salsa, honey and ice cream from Amsterdam soil.


How cool would it be if inner courtyards were used in every neighbourhood to make the city healthier and more sustainable? I can change the world with my two hands is working on a blueprint. Since 2011, residents of I can change can come and harvest vegetables, herbs, flowers and fruit, garden, hand in kitchen waste for compost and learn about the use of rainwater. At 13.30 and 14.30 there will be a guided tour of the site. Rainproof and Natuur&MilieuTeam Zuid help you with hands-on information about making your garden Rainproof. Agriton and Icanchangers will teach you more about home composting.

The entrance to the I can change site is at Jasper Leijnsenstraat 21. The ‘We can change festival’ is Saturday 22 September from 13.00 to 16.00 hours. The entire program can be found on the website:

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