“Bokashi, like composting… only better”

Feed the soil by recycling your fresh garden waste!

Whatever size garden, vegetable patch or allotment you have – Bokashi can be used to recycle your organic garden waste.

“Bokashi, like composting… only better”

Bokashi is Japanese for “fermented organic matter” and unlike traditional composting Bokashi actually retains energy and nutrients.

By fermenting your organic waste material you create a pre-digested food for your soil that is nutrient dense and full of beneficial micro-organisms. Bokashi is used all over the world and has recently seen an increase in interest due to its carbon capturing capabilities. Traditional hot composting can loose as much as 62% of its total mass. Of that 62% approximately half will be carbon.

For example: If you compost 1,000kgs of organic matter you lose 310kgs carbon. This carbon is lost as CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) which is one of the main Green House Gases.

By making Bokashi from the same 1000kgs of organic matter you lose 15kgs of carbon. The results of this increase nutrient density which can be seen in trials carried out all over the world. The visual representation below is our personal favourite.


To find out more about Bokashi, its benefits and how you can make your own heap please contact us today!

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