Bokashi Soil Improver

Bokashi Soil Improver is an easily applicable ready-to-use Bokashi for the soil. The Improver is formed by the fermentation of straw flour and apple pulp by Effective Micro-organisms. Bokashi is the pre-digested food for soil life.

In the soil, it ensures more efficient conversion of organic matter and increases biodiversity. It is also an ideal source of nutrition for micro-organisms present on it. Bokashi litter contains many metabolic products (natural antibiotics, growth hormones, organic acids…), obtained by fermentation, which positively influence plant growth. Bokashi Soil Improver only contains raw materials that are permitted in organic farming.



– (Re)activation of soil life, root environment and microbial conversions

– Less nutrient leaching

– Preservation of carbon and nitrogen


Note: due to its course structure, Bokashi Soil Improver is less suitable for use in substrates for sowing and cutting, so it is better to use Bokashi starter.


Instructions for use

Shallow penetration 0.5 – 1 kg per m² or 4 volume % for plant pits 1 bag (25kg) for 25-50 m2