Bokashi Starter Set

Bokashi starter is wheat bran on which Effective Micro-organisms are activated. It is a fermented product and smells sweet and sour. Bokashi starter ensures that your organic kitchen waste is fermented in the Bokashi kitchen bucket and thus converted into a natural soil nutrient. You can see it as a kind of booster of the fermentation process. Bokashi-Starter is available in 2 kg bags. Read more about the Bokashi kitchen bucket.

Bokashi-Starter can also be mixed through potting soil for seed and cuttings. This activates the soil life and adds the useful metabolic products that are released during fermentation. Antioxidants, natural growth hormones, organic acids stimulate the growth of the young plant. Mix 2- 4 volume% of Bokashi-Starter through the potting soil.

Advantages are:

– Increased immunity

– Better root development

– Enriched substrates


Fargesia rufa treated with Bokashi-Starter