Bokashi – Taribush Kuna festival 2018

Also this year Marc-o-biotica (Marc van der Zalm) in collaboration with Agriton to collect organic residues at the Taribush Kuna festival in Dwingeloo (Dr.). And there is again food for the volunteers cooked with organic products grown at the Bokashi of Taribush Kuna festival last year.

The various Foodtrucks collect peelings, food leftovers and of course a large number of coffee grounds. This is immediately processed into Bokashi by mixing (grafting) it with bokashi starter. By packing this airtight the fermentation process will start immediately. After two to three weeks the Bokashi is ready to be processed in the vegetable garden.

Marc van der Zalm

At the festival Marc will explain how to ferment kitchen waste to Bokashi and how to use this Bokashi in the vegetable garden. You will also be explained how to use effective microorganisms (probiotics) for a healthier home, body and environment. A Bokashi bucket is a special bucket that converts your vegetable, garden and fruit waste into healthy nutrients for the plants in your garden’, Marc explains.

Read more about it programma en routebeschrijving.

Thursday 26 to Sunday 29 July – Lheebroek 30a in Dwingeloo


Bokashi, it cannot be greener…


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