Campers separate waste with bokashi at Zerofield

At mini camping Zerofield in Hooge Mierde near the Belgian border, ecology and sustainability are of paramount importance. Owners Marianne Witmer and Wim van den Assum started a round of Bio Dynamic vegetable gardening in 2008, encourage their guests to separate the waste and have been working with EM for years.

“At the toilet building there are various waste bins to separate paper, glass, residual waste and food waste. For the latter there is a Bokashi kitchen bucket ready to be filled. Some of our guests are already familiar with Bokashi making, others appreciate this way of waste separation. It gets a good destination in our vegetable garden”, says Marianne.

“Our compost heaps consist of alternating layers of horse manure, green and brown waste, clay minerals and sea shell lime. After a year it is converted. We also make compost from alternating layers of fine woodchips, horse manure, EM, clay minerals, sea shell lime, eiffelgold minerals, Celtic sea salt and garden and vegetable waste. After only about 8 months of covered maturation, this heap is an excellent horticultural compost. On our horse pasture we apply, among other things, sea shells of lime. A farmer who helps us finds it a nice quality hay. A great example of how EM is integrated into the campsite. More info on Zerofield






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