EM-1 is a mixture of freely occurring naturally occurring Effective Micro-organisms and is used to increase the natural resistance of soil, plant, water, humans & animals. EM-1 contains several types of effective micro-organisms. Each of these Effective Micro-organisms has specific tasks. The micro-organisms also promote each other’s functioning. These microorganisms are collected in the wild; are not modified and manipulated and are grown in a natural way. EM is therefore pure nature.

EM-1 is used together with A+ Rietsuikermelasse to create EM-A (activated EM) in an activator.

Directions: mix 50ml EM1 + 50ml A+ (dissolve in 950 ml lukewarm water). Leave this in an activator for 1 week. Some yeast flakes may form, these belong to EM. EM-A should smell fresh and sour. The pH should be around 3.8.

Packaging in 250 ml and 1-litre bottles