EM Ceramics

Clay is fermented with Effective Micro-organisms resulting in EM Ceramics. After fermentation and firing, the information of the Effective Micro-organisms is stored in the clay. This is why EM Ceramics remains active for a very long time. The vibration of EM Ceramics is favourable in all kinds of areas. EM Ceramics is a product that can easily be used for a wide range of applications and processes.

It is a material with which, among other things, the quality of water can be improved. After contact with water, for example, the information (frequencies) of the EM ceramics is transferred to the water. Smaller water clusters are created which, among other things, reduce calcium deposits. The quality of the water improves and stays fresh longer. EM Ceramics can also be used to promote the germination of seeds and the growth of plants in a positive way. It can easily be used in tackling environmental problems, food production, saving energy consumption and improving health for soil, crop, animals and people and the results will amaze you.

The effectiveness of EM Ceramics is based on the principle that energy can be retained and transferred by binding these properties in baked clay. Read more about ‘The power of resonance’ here.

EM Ceramics – Grey hollow cylinders (500 grams)

Examples of applications:

– 1 net per 10,000 litres of running water
– 12 pieces in the kettle
– 12 pieces in a water carafe or drinking jug (1liter)
– Sew 50 pieces in a washcloth and turn with every wash in the washing machine.
– Place 12 pieces of nylon wire in the dishwasher at the top of a sturdy piece of wire.
– 12 pieces on the fruit bowl
– some pipes in the toilet flush tank
– 3 pieces in each flowerpot or flowervase
– 12 pieces on a nylon thread and hang in the flower watering can
– 1 net in the rain barrel
– in the filter or water tank of the aquarium
– braid with a cord to form a dog collar
– Daily applications: between 5 and 25 pieces. Larger volumes guideline: 1 kg/1000 litres of water. For larger constant water masses (ponds, swimming pools) 1 to 2 kg is charged. EM Ceramics on 10 m3 (10,000 litres) water volume.

Shelf life: approx. 10 years



EM Ceramics – bath stone

Stick the bath doll under the waterline and if possible under the tap so that the water can flow past it while filling the bath.

Shelf life: approx. 10 years




EM Ceramics – Drink stone for cold drinks

Place the drink stone in the water or juice jug, at the bottom of the aquarium, in the flower watering can etc.

Shelf life approx. 10 years.


EM Ceramics – powder for paint (500 grams)

Mix 1-2 % by weight or volume of powder through the paint or sauce. Sieve the powder carefully over a fine sieve before it is mixed with the paint. This ensures that there is less risk of grain formation in the paintwork. Nevertheless, it may be possible that you will see this very fine grain in the paintwork.


EM Ceramics – powder for concrete (Super Cera C Sosei) (1 kg)

Mix 1-2 % of the weight or volume of the powder through the concrete. Sieve the powder carefully over a fine sieve before mixing it with the concrete. The powder becomes airy and mixes better.


Super Cera C PoederEM Ceramics – General purpose powder (Super Cera C, 1 kg)

Mix 1-2 % of the weight or volume of the powder by, for example, potting soil, clay for modelling, hand cream or other ointment or glue.

Sieve the powder carefully over a fine sieve before mixing.