EM distibutor De Groene Vos starts neighbourhood composting with bokashi in Arnhem

On Wednesday 27 June Cathelijne Bouwkamp, the new alderman for sustainability, green and public space, kicked off the Neighbourhood Composting project on the Hommelveldje in Sint Marten. Vegetable, fruit and garden waste (GFT waste) is not properly separated from residual waste in Arnhem. Especially not in neighbourhoods with many upper dwellings.

More and more residents of upper houses want to separate GFT waste from residual waste, but do not see suitable possibilities for themselves. Green city bins, which are available for upper dwellings, are rare in the street when SUEZ empties the green containers. It is a shame that a lot of GFT waste disappears with the residual waste. Because GFT waste can be easily recycled into compost or fermented fertiliser. Here too, waste is a raw material or better, a nutrient for plants. And when the municipality introduces diftar, separating GFT waste is also good for your wallet, because you pay less waste tax the less residual waste you offer.

De Groene Vos has therefore taken the initiative to set up a neighbourhood composting project in Sint Marten. Enthusiastic local residents will be facilitated to offer their GFT waste for composting and fermentation. On the Hommelveldje (next to the Nieuwe Hommel community centre) are a large compost heap, a compost bin, a worm bin and a Bokashi bin for fermenting kitchen waste. In this way, GFT waste can be kept in the neighbourhood and used as a useful fertiliser for, for example, the urban agricultural project on the Hommelveldje.

Already 18 households have registered. By registering, these households indicate that they would like to participate and to abide by the rules of the game. Together with De Groene Vos, the participating households form a network of neighbourhood composting.

De Groene Vos hopes that this pioneering project will be a source of inspiration for residents in other neighbourhoods to set up such a project. De Groene Vos is happy to offer support on request.



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