EM Lawn Care


EM Lawn Care is naturally rich in nutrients, trace elements and soluble silicic acids which promote stronger grassroots, fewer weeds and also reduce moss.

EM Lawn Care is an easy to apply granular volcanic rock powder, consisting of finely ground phonolite, a silicate rock of volcanic origin which is alkali-rich.


  • Improved nutrient and fertiliser retention in the root zone.
  • Granules absorb soluble nitrogen and potassium, reducing leaching of nutrients.
  • Porous granules increase aeration resulting in healthier turf.
  • Improves germination rates.
  • Helps protect against fertiliser scorch.
  • A thick lush green lawn with just one application.
  • Contains silicate volcanic ground rock dust.
  • Complete lawn care in a granular top dressing
  • 100% organic – safe for our children, pets and the environment.