A clear pond using the power of EM

With the beautiful warm spring weather, the temperature of the pond water also rises and the growth of micro-organisms is activated. There are several things you can do to promote good water quality and provide the plants with the necessary nutrients.

To promote the natural balance of the water, you can add some EM Pond Clear. The Effective Microorganisms in EM Pond Clear help convert organic material (bottom sludge, fish excretion) into nutrients for the pond plants and thus prevent rotting.
In ponds with a weak microbial climate, the intermediates produced (ammonia and nitrite) are slowly converted. It is very important that these substances occur in low concentration. Ammonia and nitrite have a negative influence on the health of fish.
With EM Pond Clear you add healthy micro-organisms to your pond. This neutralizes ammonia and nitrite more quickly and the formed nitrate that forms as an end product proves to be an ideal source of nutrition for pond plants. A biological balance is created which improves the water quality.

Another option is Bokashi pond balls

A lot of sludge on the bottom has a negative effect on the water quality. Therefore, use the Bokashi pond balls regularly. These special fermented balls promote good microbial diversity in the pond water. You throw the Bokashi pond balls into the water, sink to the bottom and slowly dissolve. The EM in the pond balls digest the sludge and help restore a good balance. Preferably apply in the spring.

In addition, regularly add Aegir Seashell Lime to adjust the reflection of the sunlight.

1 liter Microferm per year per 1-10 m3 (with fish 1 liter / 10 m3)
1 Bokashi pond ball per 1 m2 soil surface
1 kg Aegir Sea Shell Lime per 1 m2