EM sales outlet overview – The Sustainable Young 100

The Sustainable Young 100 gives an overview of young entrepreneurs, young professionals and students who demonstrate that a sustainable future is possible. These pioneers are a source of inspiration for each other and for the established order! Every year you can register yourself or someone else 32 years of age or younger and a 10-member jury will choose the 100 most inspiring young leaders.

The DJ100 is emphatically not a ranking, because it doesn’t fit the new generation that thinks in working together and reinforcing each other. The DJ100 is a selection of people who show that it CAN!

Why is the DJ100 important?
The helm needs to change! Sustainable solutions are needed for the questions of the future. Young talent is indispensable here. They are already experimenting with new economic models, radical innovations or a sustainable lifestyle. They do this in the form of various activities, projects or start-ups that contribute to a sustainable future. The DJ100 shows that a more sustainable future is already possible now and inspires others to make a difference!

One of those Sustainable young is Mark van Duijn, EM sales point in The Hague. On DJ100 he writes among other things: In October 2017, Smaak voor Groen was founded by Mark van Duijn to make the region of The Hague greener where possible. More plants, fewer stones and also more environmentally friendly. In The Hague there is flooding and too much CO2 emission. This can be countered by greening.

In several private gardens, adjustments have been made to reduce and even solve flooding. This by, among other things, planting more greenery (green retains 60-80 percent of the rainwater). In all garden projects, environmentally friendly means (EM-bokashi) are used to restore and/or preserve biodiversity. For example, a biodegradable all-purpose cleaner is used to (literally) dissolve green deposits.


More info: DJ 100 and taste for green


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