Horti Plus

Horti Plus is a liquid plant food on a homoeopathic basis, which after many tests and years of practical use is produced by Agriton. Like all homoeopathic remedies, Horti Plus works in the fine material range, which simultaneously guarantees the non-toxic effect and the absolute harmlessness for humans, animals and plants.

Horti Plus contains 20 essential trace elements and minerals for the plants, such as; silica, lime, magnesium, iron boron, manganese, titanium, vanadium, sodium, chlorine, sulfur, chromium, nickel, copper, zinc, barium and molybdenum. It also contains certain herbal extracts, uronic acids (which remove the blockage in the juice stream and eliminate pollutants from the environment), as well as organic Germanium (the natural energy carrier and also oxygen supplier).

Horti Plus is a plant strengthening agent, it gives the plants effective impulses to increase the defence mechanism against harmful influences (viruses, fungi and parasites). This introduces a self-generation. The balanced nutritional components visibly improve the activities of the soil flora and fauna, especially those of earthworms, in a positive way. The symbiosis between the Mycorrhizae fungi and the root system of the plant ensures that the plant can once again absorb all essential trace elements.

Horti Plus promotes the organic quality of vegetables, fruits and potatoes. This organic quality is expressed in an excellent taste and a remarkable shelf life.

Instructions for use

For vegetables, potatoes, fruits, shrubs, shrubs, trees, pond plants etc. In general 1 screw cap on 10 litres of water, 4-6 times a year.