“I don’t have Gft waste at all because I make it bokashi”.

Arend Joosten at his ‘bokashi-kliko’ which he uses to make compost from waste. Therefore he never has to put his green click on the road. © From Assendelft

Less waste, but how? Under this heading, Brabants Dagblad called on readers to share their experiences on waste separation. This resulted in a colourful collection of reactions, with, as is so often the case with a few grumbles, but above all, positive experiences and advice. At the end of the series of stories about waste, a selection of all kinds of information about bins and bags.

Arend Joosten: For me, the grey clico only comes to the street a few times a year, the green one not at all. I see it as a nice hobby to produce as little waste as possible. Everything is carefully separated and I regularly go to the environmental street. I don’t have GFT waste at all because I make bokashi out of it. That’s a Japanese technique that ferments all the green waste and food waste, just like sauerkraut.

There are separate bins for this in the trade, but I have converted two clicks myself. Everything goes in and then you add a mixture of bacteria, yeasts and fungi. Well tamping and then I leave it for at least a month. You don’t have a stench or maggots because there is hardly any oxygen. I use the bokashi as compost for the flowers and in my vegetable garden. That all grows well, it is a good stuff.


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