Invitation to EMbessenplukdag │ sat 21 July │ Wilhelminaoord (Dr.)

For many years the EM Association has organized an EM Berry Picking Day at Auke Vonk’s Weldaadbessenplukdag. This Saturday is the second last EM berry picking day! Because of an insurmountable rent increase on the land where the EM Weldaadbessen is located, the Vonk family is forced to stop this year. Luckily we can pick two more times this summer!

As always, everyone who comes this day on behalf of the EM Association gets a discount. For all fruits, you pay only € 4 per kilo. Because of the closure, the adult blue, red and white berry bushes are now for sale. From now on, you can pick the fruits of them at home.

EM products
The is also back with all EM products, which gives the usual 10% EM-day discount on all EM products! The range has been expanded since last year. There are again special new products like the Hado-resources and Bokashi rub oil; you can come and experience them on the spot. You can place an order for bagged or special products via
Think also of the annual worldwide Bokashi-Balls Action on August 8th. Do you have a pond, think of the ditch nearby, the Vliet and/or the ponds near the municipality, throw in a few bokashi balls to let the microorganisms do their work.


Welcome to Weldaadbessen in Wilhelminaoord Saturday 21 July – from 10:00 to 17:00.
Coffee and tea will be provided for you. Ineke and Laura Vonk will again provide delicious healthy sweets and snacks. The EM Association will be present at the Weldaadbessentuin that day from 10 – 17 hours.

Tijd over?

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Weldaad Bessentuin, Queen Wilhelminalaan 6a, Wilhelminaoord

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