Maintenance and/or construction of a lawn
For the construction and natural maintenance of the lawn, “EM Naturally Active” is a good system with various possibilities and combinations. Below is a general guideline with possibilities and quantities:

10 kg Edasil Clay minerals per year per 100 m2
10 kg Aegir Sea scallops per year per 100 m2
50 kg Bokashi per year per 100 m2
40 litres Manure Best per year per 100 m2

0.5 kg EM ceramic powder per year per 100 m2 (if possible superficially in rakes)
1 -2 litres Microferm per year per 100 m2
Dilute Actiferm 1/100 with water and spray or spray in one or more times per growing season on the plants and/or soil

You can apply Edasil Clay minerals, Aegir Sea Scallop Lime, Bokashi and/or Mest Best and EM ceramic powder on top of the existing lawn before it starts raining. When laying a lawn, these products can be worked in superficially about two weeks before sowing. Larger quantities of Edasil Clay minerals can be processed in sandy soils.
Actiferm dilutes 1/100 with water and spray and/or irrigate preferably in rainy or rainy weather. You can divide the recommended amount over several times.