Lecture Agriton │ Symposium Symphony of soils │ Oct 11

On Thursday 11 October Agriton will also be present at the symposium: Symphony for Soils. For the theme Biobased Jan Feersma Hoekstra will give the workshop ‘Fermenting can you learn’.

In collaboration with the Symphony of Soils Foundation and Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences, the Bodem Knowledge Consortium is organising the Symphony of Soils symposium. This symposium is part of the soil food week and will take place at the Ecomunitypark in Oosterwolde (Fr.).

A vital soil is crucial for our future. Soil vitality is therefore high on the agenda of farmers, governments and NGOs. But what about the soil? What is a vital soil? How do you gain insight into the condition of the soil? And how can you improve the soil?

The workshops are intended to provide information and inspiration about soil in relation to food, agriculture, bio-based economy, water and biodiversity. It is part of a plenary programme. In the morning you will hear how politics, science and business look at the soil. During the soil experience sessions, you will work on improving the soil yourself.

You can still register. Program SoilFood week:

10 October: Frisian Trojan Horse (the day of Sustainability)

11 October: Symposium Symphony of Soils

12 October: International Conference Organic Food and Our Future Food System

13 October: Festival B about the bottom of your health

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