Lecture on fermenting kitchen waste │ 27 Sept │ Arnhem

Thursday 27 September at 19.30 hrs Kweekland will organize a lecture in the greenhouse about Bokashi with EM Agriton Natuurlijk Actief. Bokashi is a Japanese method to process food waste and green waste (including cooked food) in a clean way into food for plants. A kind of compost but then fermented. That is, sealed airtight with the addition of a starter so that it is not rotten but converted into a valuable organic material.

Simone Vos of Agriton explains how it works and what the value is for the soil. Bokashi is Japanese for ‘well fermented organic material’. This natural method using Effective Micro-organisms (starter) is also used by professional agriculture and horticulture.

The greenhouse is open from 7 pm. The lecture is from 19.30 to 21.00. Afterwards we will talk for half an hour with a drink. The lecture is at Dalweg 80 in Arnhem. Please register in advance via info@stadstuinkweekland.nl or call Annemarie from garden shop Tebuiten op Kweekland, 06 22805323.

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