Lockdown Activities in The Garden :) #welovebokashi


With the UK in lockdown, kids home from school, supermarket shelves emptied and the sun finally shining there really is no excuse to get out in the garden!!


If there was ever a time to discover that unused area at the back of your house now is it. Your garden, no matter the size, has potential. Not only will it provide you with the perfect excuse to get some much needed fresh air, it’s also great for your mental health, provides some exercise, can reduce you carbon footprint and if you have kids it will keep them entertained, enthused and learning for hours.

A simple raised planter, like the one above, can be made from second hand wood and built to any size. Fill it with some soil and some organic matter, ideally from your kitchen Bokashi Bucket, and get growing. Some salad plants, spinach, baby carrots even radish can be ready to harvest in less than a month.

Involve your kids and show them how the food cycle works.

Step 1. Use your food and vegetable waste to make Bokashi Compost (a natural fertiliser and food for the living organisms in your soil)

Step 2. Incorporate the Bokashi into the soil and watch how the waste is broken down by the billions of organisms

Step 3. Plant your crop

Step 4. Watch how a little seed transforms into a plant using the nutrients in the soil and the energy from the sun

Step 5. Harvest your crop

Step 6. Get cooking, and the best bit, EATING!!!

Step 7. Use your left over food and vegetable waste to make Bokashi Compost to feed your next crop

For more information, practical advice or help to get started please do not hesitate to contact us.

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