EM Mud Balls

These EM mud balls provide a good microbial diversity in pond water and belong to the biological water improvement agents.

The with Effective Micro-organisms fermented pond balls are a combination of Edasil clay minerals, Bokashi, Actiferm, EM ceramic powder and reed sugar molasses.

After throwing the EM mud balls into the pond, they sink to the bottom where they slowly dissolve. The mud balls act on different parts of your pond, but mainly on the bottom. This is how we see a reduction in soil sediment. This process significantly improves water quality. Moreover, a good microbial flora can develop in the pond which greatly promotes the vitality and health of the fish.

Available per 4 or 50 pieces.

Instructions for use:

Divide 1 EM mud ball per 1 m2 bottom surface. Applicable in spring to autumn.