Ornamental garden


Maintenance and creation of borders

The products from the “EM Natural Active” range can be used for the construction and maintenance of shrub and flower borders. It is a unique method for a successful garden without chemicals. The concept offers different products that can be used together or separately:

10 kg Clay minerals per year per 100 m2
10 kg Seashell lime per year per 100 m2
50 kg Bokashi per year per 100 m2
40 kg Grow Best per year per 100 m2

0.5 kg EM ceramic powder per year per 100 m2 (if possible superficially in rakes)
1 -2 litres of Actiferm per year per 100 m2 Dilute Actiferm 1/100 with water and pour or spray in one or more times per growing season on the plants and or soil

Before it rains, apply clay minerals, sea shell lime, Bokashi, Grow Best and EM ceramic powder on top of the plant border. When planting new plants, these products can be superficially incorporated and/or mixed with the soil of the plant pit. In sandy soils, larger quantities of clay minerals can be processed.
Actiferm should be diluted with 1 in 100 litres of water and sprayed or poured preferably in rainy or rainy weather. You can divide the recommended quantity over several times.