Treating your pond

To improve the quality of the water in the pond and to provide the plants with the necessary nutrients, various products can be used.

The use of shellfish lime adjusts the reflection of sunlight. To promote the natural balance of the water, it is best to use Actiferm once a year. In addition, add Aegir Sea Shell Lime regularly and use the Bokashi Pond Balls regularly. These fermented balls provide a good microbial diversity in the pond water. Just throw the Bokashi Pond Balls into the water, they sink to the bottom and dissolve slowly. Apply in spring to autumn.

Guide. 1-litre Actiferm:
1-litre Actiferm per year per 1-10 m3 (with fish 1 liter/10 cubic meter)
1 Bokashi pond ball per 1 m2 floor area
1 kg Aegir Seashell lime per 1 m2 of floor area


By using Actiferm in the pond you can greatly improve the water quality in a biological way. The Effective Micro-organisms help in the conversion of organic matter (soil sludge, excretion of fish) to nutrients for the pond plants and thus prevent rot. In ponds with a weak microbial climate, the intermediates produced (ammonia and nitrite) are converted rather slowly. It is very important that these substances occur in low concentrations. Ammonia and nitrite have a negative impact on fish health. Actiferm integrates a large healthy flora to your pond. Ammonia and nitrite are so faster neutralized and the nitrate that is formed as an end product appears to be an ideal source of nutrition for pond plants. There is a biological balance that creates a huge boost in water quality.

If you suffer from algae growth in the pond then you can also add EM Pond to the water. EM pond contains a high concentration of phototrophic bacteria that compete with the algae.

TIP: A UV lamp works disinfecting and therefore also have a negative effect on the effective microorganisms present in the Actiferm!