Prevent blue algae with Aegir Sea Shells Lime

With the heat of the last few weeks, it is necessary to be careful with the quality of the water. With the high temperatures, it is especially important to observe the microbial balance of the water and to adjust it where necessary.

What to do with green algae and blue algae?

Green and blue algae grow for various reasons. Green algae flourish because there is too much nitrate in the water. If there is too much phosphate present, the chance of blue algae is considerable. By measuring the water for nitrate and phosphate content you can observe the water well and adjust it in time. The Redfield ratio indicates the ratio of phosphate and nitrogen in the water. With the values in yellow, there is a good balance and there is a moustache.

If there is too much phosphate, add Aegir sea shell lime to the water. The lime acts as a buffer and causes the phosphate to deposit on the soil. This way there is less food for the blue algae.

When preventing green algae, it is best to buffer nitrate away. A simple practical solution is to put a number of small ones neatly with straw and Actiferm in the water. Bacteria in the water see straw as food and will digest the straw. For this, they use nitrate from the water as a food/energy source.

Basic maintenance

By using Actiferm in the pond you can greatly improve the water quality in a biological way. The Effective Micro-organisms help in the conversion of organic matter (soil sludge, excretion of fish) to nutrients for the pond plants and thus prevent rot. In ponds with a weak microbial climate, the intermediates produced (ammonia and nitrite) are converted rather slowly. It is very important that these substances occur in low concentrations. Ammonia and nitrite have a negative impact on fish health. With Microferm you integrate a large healthy flora in your pond. Ammonia and nitrite are so faster neutralized and the nitrate that is formed as an end product, appears to be an ideal source of nutrition for pond plants. There is a biological balance that creates a huge boost in water quality.

Is there a thick layer of sludge on the bottom?

Then Bokashi Pond Balls are a simple solution to this problem. Throw the pond balls into the pond, once on the bottom they fall apart and digest the sludge all around. The sludge is reduced and the water becomes clear again within a few weeks. This process significantly improves water quality.






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