USING EM-ceramic grey pipes    

  • In the kettle
  • In drinking water bottles and water storage cans.
  • Place a few pipes in the cistern of the toilet.
  • In the spray nozzle of the shower head (if possible).
  • In watering can for house plants and in vase water for cut flowers.
  • Washing machine: place about 50 ceramic pipes in a cloth bag, or net bag and add to wash load.
  • Dishwasher: some ceramic pipes lay loose in the cutlery basket.
  • In the filter tank of the aquarium.
  • Place in a bowl of fruit or refrigerator to keep food fresh.



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EM ceramics has extraordinary properties derived through the production process.

The information ( DNA) from the Effective Micro-organisms is captured forever within the clay after baking at high temperatures. These properties include a resonance of health-promoting frequencies.

As resonance is most strongly transferred in water EM Ceramics are extremely useful in restoring the water clusters that reduce calcification and boost the energy of water. The water quality improves and stays fresher longer.

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