Proferm is a feed material based on EM (Effective Micro-organisms) fermented spelt bran.

Proferm strengthens the intestinal flora and provides the necessary fibres for a healthy intestinal flora. The combination of pre- and probiotics in living form ensures that a lot of interesting metabolic products are present; anti-oxidants, organic acids and other bio-active substances. These ensure – besides an increased feed intake and a better digestion – also an increased palatability. The general condition and resistance of the animal increases, which improves the performance of the horse.

Benefits. Helps the intestine:

– Helps to restore the intestinal flora after diarrhoea

– Increases palatability, feed intake and digestion

– Improves general fitness and defences

– Can be mixed as standard in horse feeds

Available in bags of 5 kg.

Instruction manual: 50 g / horse / day