Prominant hoof gel & spray

Many micro-organisms live on and in the vicinity of living animals. Some of them have an adverse effect and can lead to mug, rain scab, rocket… A consistent use of EM helps to restore the microbial balance.

Prominent gel is 100% natural gel with EM for horses and helps to strengthen the flora on the hoof. An occupation with a good microflora helps to prevent things like rostral and other hoof problems.

Prominant gel comes in a handy dose bottle (200 ml) with a nozzle so that it can easily be applied deep into the jet. Consistent use of the Prominant gel helps to maintain or restore the microbial balance.











Prominant spray is 100% natural spray with EM for horses and helps to strengthen the skin flora. Spraying Effective Micro-organisms over the coat can help prevent the development of many skin problems. In the winter, for example, regularly ‘treat’ your horse under a blanket is definitely a must!

Prominant spray is a spray bottle (150 ml) works without propellant and makes it easy to apply the effective microorganisms locally.









Attention: Do not use Prominant gel and spray as a ‘disinfectant’ for open wounds. The entry of microbiology into the bloodstream can have numerous consequences.