Sustainable Rasterhoff festival and Bokashi

On Sunday 9 September, the Rasterhoff Festival will take place for the first time in the Burgemeester Rasterhoffpark on the edge of Sneek. A sustainable event with the main theme: ‘Together Conscious Sustainability’. The stands, squares, activities, workshops and the local sustainable initiatives present are focused on topics such as Waste & Raw Materials, Food & Raw Materials, Healthy Food, Nature, Garden & Public Green Space, Well-being Together, Movement & Relaxation, Transport, Building & Living and Art & Culture. The Festival is part of Expedition Grutsk & Grien.

By following the circuit-loop route, on the site, all themes come by. Various organisations, companies, residents’ groups, institutions, schools and governments provide information, examples, products and above all activities. Cycles, collaboration, activities, information and fun run like red threads through the beautiful nature park.

In the section ‘What lives in your garden? Growth & Flowering’ you can find our EM stall and get acquainted with Bokashi. There is also a workshop about Bokashi. The festival itself is also active in fermentation. On the site there are two Bokashi containers where visitors can deposit their food leftovers. And all food trucks help to collect their organic waste in Bokashi kitchen bins. Eventually, the Bokashi from this festival will be processed in the Village Garden of Heeg.

Through the main entrance on the Johan Willem Frisostraat you won’t miss anything of the Festival. The festival is from 10.30-19.00 hours in the beautiful Mayor Rasterhoffpark in Sneek. Read more on




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