Vegetable Garden


“EM Naturally Active” is the system for natural and sustainable  gardening. The system contains various products that promote soil fertility, and therefore provide a vital crop.

Guideline. 10 kg clay miner:
10 kg Edasil Clay minerals per year per 100 m2
10 kg Aegir Seashell  per year per 100 m2
50 kg Bokashi bran per year per 100 m2
40 litres Grow Best per year per 100 m2
0.5 kg EM Ceramic powder per year per 100 m2 (if possible superficially raked in)
1 -2 litres of Actiferm per year per 100 m2.

Dilute Actiferm 1/100 with water and pour or spray it once or several times per growing season on the plants and/or soil.

Apply the clay minerals, sea shell lime, Bokashi, Grow Best and EM ceramic powder on top of the soil before it starts to rain and may have a slight effect on the soil.
When planting and/or sowing vegetables, bring the Bokashi into the soil fourteen days in advance. This gives the soil time to neutralise the low acidity of the Bokashi.

During the growing season, it is good to lightly work in the products between the rows of vegetables.