Water improvers

The PTH Water Improver is, as the name suggests, a “water enhancer”, not a water softener or a filter. With the PTH water conditioner, all essential minerals and trace elements in the water are not filtered away like most water softeners. The PTH water conditioner consists of two parts: a cylinder made of stainless and a core of an alloy of precious and semi-precious metals.

Working principle:

In the PTH water improver arise venturi effects. A venturi is deliberately applied constriction in the flow channel of the water. Because the passing water undergoes a speed increase occurs thereby at that place a pressure reduction. In the PTH water improver are also weak electric fields produced. The combination of venturi and weak electric fields ensure that the mineral particles do not precipitate. Think of limescale or rust.

Advantages of the PTH Water Improver:

Prevents the formation of limescale and rust.
Gradually dissolves existing damage to lime and rust.
Very long life, without replacement of parts.
For best results, there should be a flow rate of 1-3 m/s and the device should be grounded with the specially provided ground wire. Read more in the brochure The end of limescale and rust with the PTH Water Improver.


EM-X Gold Ceramic water improver

The EM-Gold Ceramic water improver is a PVC tube, size 100*70*1000 mm, filled with 7 neat EM-Gold ceramic hollow cylinder grey of 500 grams. Standard two PVC reducers are supplied size 5/2″ x 2″. It ensures that the information, which contains the EM baked in clay, is released to the water.


The EM-X Gold ceramic water improver is mounted behind the water meter with a bypass. We recommend that this is done by an installation company. In combination with the PTH device, first, the PTH is placed and then the EM-X Gold ceramic water improver. The PTH water improver and the EM-X Gold Ceramic water improver can also be used separately.

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