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Wholesale Cleaning Products


Our wholesale cleaning products are naturally clean and healthy. A 100% non-chemical all-purpose cleaner, made with Effective Micro-Organisms.

In and around our house live billions of bacteria. For a pleasant environment and healthy home, it is important that the good bacteria are in the majority. This is possible with Wipe & Clean! Effective Micro-organisms provide that balanced balance in the home. They are good bacteria, indispensable for a healthy living environment.

Wipe & Clean can be used daily to clean. From the toilet to the nursery, the kitchen to windows. Wipe & Clean is also ideal for cleaning bicycles, cars and other metal constructions. There is no task where the Micro-organisms from EM cannot prove their usefulness! See all the tips and tricks with Wipe & Clean here.

Wipe & Clean is available in the fragrances: Classic, sparkling Sacred Basil and refreshing Mint.

Packaging in a spray bottle (1 litre ready) and bag-in-box (2 litres) and also a 20-litre bag-in-box. The Flairosol is ideal as a refillable atomizer.


Wholesale Cleaning Products

Why choose our wholesale cleaning products

The use of Wipe & Clean has been tested during a two month period by different cleaning services in a professional setting at a children’s nursery and public municipal conveniences. The pilot project replaced all chemical treatments with Wipe & Clean.

The results recorded from an independent laboratory showed that Wipe & Clean suppressed the growth of E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus, compared to traditional cleaning products.

E. coli is not in itself a pathogen, but the presence of this bacterium is a good indicator of overall cleanliness. The number of both bacteria decreased at all locations. Moreover, the regenerating micro-organisms (such as Lactobacilli) grew everywhere profusely leading to a better and healthier microbial climate.

Wholesale Cleaning Products


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