EM Naturally Active – Wholesale

EM Naturally Active is a concept for our home & garden range, which provides natural resistance in the home, soil, plants, animals and your environment.

We’re wholesale providers of the following Product ranges:

– Healthy & Wellbeing products such as Health drinks, Table salts, soaps for both bathroom and kitchen etc.

– Domestic and Commercial cleaning products

– Animal health and animal feed additives

– Ceramic water treatment products

– Lawn, Soil & Plant products


EM-drinkWholesale Cleaning Products

EM is used to increase the natural resistance of soil, plants, water, humans & animals. EM significantly improves the soil quality, soil fertility, growth and quality of crops. The application possibilities are almost endless. EM is applicable:

– To increase the natural immunity of plants, animals, soil, man and water.

– When converting vegetable, fruit and garden waste (GFT) into a valuable organic material.

– In the house and (vegetable) garden.

– For pets, in aquariums, swimming pools and fish farms.

– In agriculture, horticulture and cattle breeding.

– In companies for solving all kinds of environmental problems, such as water, air and soil pollution.

– Against odour nuisance.

– In green and forest management of cities and municipalities….


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