EM Naturally Active – Wholesale

EM:Naturally Active offers a range of products that are chemical free, eco-freindly, sustainable and microbial focused to those looking to be friendlier to our planet!

We Wholesale our products to a range of bussiness’ looking for environmentally conscious products that can replace items already used at home and in the garden

EMDrink – The best fermented probiotic cordial on the market in the UK. Giving you a healthy gut biome and feeling great!

Bokashi – Using Kitchen waste and EM to anaerobically create a compost that is much higher in nutritional content for the garden as a result creating a rich healthy soil to grow vegetables and plants.

– Wipe&Clean – Non-chemical, environmentally sound cleaning product that continues to improve the environment within the home and water quality after leaving the house and therefore healthy to your family and the environment

– EMCeramic – Effective microbes baked into fermented clay that have a Resonance for health promoting frequencies – extremely useful in water treatment

Actiferm – Microbial soil bio-stimulant for the soil. Using EM to promote soil health by dramatically increasing the microbial population and therefore stimulating plant growth and health.

Aswell as;

  • Healthy & Well-being products such as Health drinks, Table salts, soaps for both bathroom and kitchen etc.
  • Lawn, Soil & Plant products.
  • Domestic and Commercial cleaning products.
  • Animal health and animal feed additives.

EM-drinkWholesale Cleaning Products


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